Kurz Cold Foil: Enhanced Packaging Protection Brand

In order to pursue the belief of applying the latest invention to the field of hot stamping, Kurz introduced a transparent holographic cold foil for web printing, which makes the cold foil as a design tool while also providing anti-counterfeiting protection. Transparent foil can also be used as a transparent protective film for customers' designs, corporate symbol colors, logos, and various product labels. The interaction of the holographic pattern and the underlying printing creates a special pattern effect, and at the same time sets a higher level for the counterfeiter, preventing manipulation of the printed product data.

Transparent foils are made in a variety of standard holographic designs and can also be ordered for customer-specific designs. In addition to the independent pattern OVD (optically variable image), any surface design can be done. The cold-rolling technology at this stage has not yet been applied to an independent pattern OVD that requires positioning stamping. Positioning for hot image transfer requires a light identification reading device and the foil feed is controlled by a timer, which has not yet been realized in the cold-rolling process.

Fortune Technology enhances anti-counterfeit performance

Transparent cold foil foils with continuous pattern identification® OVD (optically variable image) design have been introduced. Jensen® OVD is highly protective of products. Kamison® technology applied to different brand protection fields is Kurz's exclusive patented technology, which is a two-dimensional computer technology with high resolution optically variable images. Kurz has a choice of Kamson® or holographic OVD technology, metallic cold foils for brand protection and transparent cold foils.

Cold Press Technology

Compared to hot stamping, cold stamping can transfer metallic or transparent foils onto a substrate without the need for heat and pressure. On a reel device, the glue is attached to the substrate by flexo printing or offset printing, and a foil film composed of a polyester carrier substrate and a protective layer is pressed thereon. The adhesive is then treated with a UV lamp to cure the stamping foil layer. Finally, the used carrier substrate is removed. This method combines the traditional printing process and is very popular in the label industry that pays attention to economic printing principles.

When cold-printing transparent foils, the glue in the printing area will be replaced by UV inks that can enhance adhesion, and there is no need for additional printing in under-printed areas. Therefore, the cold-scalding technology provides the label industry with a simple and flexible connection processing method suitable for the fields of post-press processing and commodity protection.

Source: China Labeling and Labeling

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