Convenient, beautiful Tetra Pak won children's favor

Milk Link has launched a new range of products targeting children's consumers throughout the UK: Mini Moo flavored milk. There are four flavors: strawberry, taffy, banana split, and semi-skimmed. No additional sugar is required.

This carton has an easy-to-open lid. If children do not want to drink directly, there is a retractable straw on the package. Children can drink it with a straw. The 200ml capacity is also particularly suitable for children.

In addition, the appearance of this paraphernalia aseptic bag is also very eye-catching, won the children's favor, and achieved success in the market. Milk Link also responded to the growing demand for the organic milk market. At the same time, organic Moo milk was introduced and packaged using Tetra Pak's 1L carton.

Hockey Protection Kit

Production decription

KSONE 2Pcs Elbow Knee Shin Custom Field Hockey Protectione Kits
Suitable for hockey and Ice hockey sports,street hockey sports
Material :EVA + foam plastic +PE plastic shell + elastic straps
Color: Black & Red

  • KSONE PROTECTION KIT NOCSAE Approved Hockey Style Catcher's Mask - (7 - 7 1/2 Hat Size)
  • KSONE PROTECTION KIT Chest Protector - 15.5 Inch
  • KSONE PROTECTION KIT Leg Guards - 14.5 Inch
  • Recommended for ages 12-16

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Protection Kit 7Protection Kit 12

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Hockey Protection Kit

Custom Goalkeeper Protection Kit,Goalkeeper Protection Kit,Custom Field Hockey Protection,Goal Keeper Kits