L'Oréal's Self-Tanning Gelée Hose

The hose is transparent and very noble; the label is transparent bronze; the hose also uses an opaque bronze flip cover, which facilitates the rapid and accurate dispensing of the product and echoes the overall color of the hose; Embossed pattern on the label, coupled with a long thick gold bar in the middle of the hose, adding to the elegance of this hose.

Hose manufacturer: CCL plastic packaging company

Source: "Chemical Packaging Solutions"

Traditional toothbrushes are usually straight shank, which is easier to use. The curved handle can penetrate deeper into the mouth. The elastic handle is supposed to avoid damage to the gums caused by excessive strength of the Toothbrush on the gums. Skid handle to avoid brush slip when brushing. In fact, no brush holder design has special cleaning effect. You can choose what you like.
After each brush, the toothbrush must be cleaned and dried with clean water. Put the brush head upwards in a ventilated and dry place. The toothbrush has been used for a long time, and the brush has accumulated bacteria and is not healthy. Therefore, the brush must be replaced. At least every 3 months, a toothbrush should be replaced.

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