Nephel-resistant special: thin-wall packaging container injection molding machine

At the Chinaplas 2006 in Shanghai, Netstal-Maschinen AG: A Swiss machine equipment manufacturer exhibited a high-performance SynErgy injection molding machine for thin-wall packaging containers.

SynErgy injection molding machines with thin-walled application molds, fast production cycles On this SynErgy 1750-600 injection molding machine, Netstal will exhibit a typical application for this series of injection molding machines. The 2+2 cavity stack provided by Hong Kong's Nypro Tool will produce 125 grams of thin-walled food containers. The high-speed movement and high plasticizing ability of the machine and mold make the production cycle less than 2.5 seconds. The equipment for controlling the temperature of the mould is manufactured by ef cooling Ernst H., Switzerland. Furrer AG offers raw material handling equipment supplied by Motan Singapore Ltd.

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