Men's Skincare Tilting Carton Package

Cosmopolitan Cosmetics Co., Germany, a men's skin care carton packaging, won the Pro Carton 2004 Cosmetics Best Carton Award for its unique tilting structure. This is a compelling and attractive packaging. The carton is inclined 14o backwards and side 15o, which is consistent with the angle of inclination of the product it contains. This tilting structure is based on the excellent stability of the carton itself. Even if the product is not contained, the carton itself can maintain a stable balance.
The cartons are made from Invercote G white card paper by Iggesund Paperboard. The central part of the carton uses UV coating to form a black ribbon, while the rest uses iliodin pearlescent ink for four-color offset printing, combined with deep embossing technology. A dark blue pearlescent effect is produced, contrasting with the high-gloss central ribbon, highlighting the brand identity.

Source: Packaging Materials and Containers

 Dry type laminating machine model GF-1000 produced is the elaborately product that we referring to the advanced technology and experiences at domestic and abroad. Complete machine with reasonable machine structure and high machining precision, simple and reliable, that guaranteed stability of machine quality. Machine performance achieved advance level compared with the similarity products of abroad.

This machine is a kind of dedicated machinery to laminating with other functional heat sealing plastic film. It is also a dedicated machinery for biaxially oriented film during coating gluing, dry curing. It is the key equipment in process for printing the laminated film products. 

Film Laminating Machine

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