Tamper-proof cap with locking strap

Patent Name Tamper Protection Cap with Locking Tape Patent Applicant Crown Packaging Technologies Principal Applicant Address US Illinois Inventor T.M. Sediita Application (Patent) No. 03821637.X Date of Application 2003.09.10 Certification Date Approval Notice No. 1681713 Date of Publication of the Verification Notice 2005.10.12 Specification CD-ROM D0541 Main Classification Number B65D41/34 Classification Number B65D41/34; B65D41/04 Sub-item Original Application No. 2002.9.11 US 10/241,416 Abstract Container Assembly (10) A container (12) is provided, the container (12) having a bottle mouth portion formed with a screw thread outside and a holding structure (18) for preventing the tamper band (38) from moving upward. The assembly (10) further includes a bottle cap (28) having a main body portion (32) of the base portion (34) and a hanging side wall portion (36) internally formed with a thread, the pendant side wall portion (36) being formed Dimensioned and shaped to screw onto the mouth of the container. The bottle cap also includes a tamper-evident band (38) that is frangibly connected to the side wall portion (36). The tamper band (38) includes a main band portion (42) and a J-shaped hook retaining element (44), a retaining element ( 44) comprising a plurality of pleat-like retainers (46) for engaging the retaining structure (18), at least one of the pleat retainers (46) adapted to engage the container (12) so as to block rotation relative to the container. When the cap (28) is unscrewed from the container (12), better separation of the tamper band (38) from the main body (32) is obtained. Sovereignty item 1. A tamper resistant cap (28) for a container (12), said cap comprising a body portion (32) having a base (34) and a depending sidewall (36), brittlely connected to A tamper resistant band (38) at the open end of the side wall, and means (60, 65) for sealing the bottle cap against the container to provide a seal, is characterized in that when the bottle cap (28) is opened, The frangible connection between the side wall (36) and the tamper band (38) is suitable to break before the seal is broken. International Application PCT/EP2003/010028 2003.9.10 International Publication WO2004/048220 English 2004.6.10 Date of Entry into the Country Patent Agency China Patent Agency (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. Agency Address Agent Cui Youping

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