Research on Recycling Technology of Plastic Packaging Materials (2)

3 Process and Equipment Problems for Recycling Raw Material Particles to Produce Packaging or Other Products

The above-obtained particle raw materials are the ultimate purpose of recycling plastic packaging material type recycling technology. The use of this recycled particulate raw material to prepare a variety of products (packaging and other), the process can fully use the existing plastic molding processing technology and equipment, including the following processes and equipment: extrusion molding process and equipment injection molding process and Equipment Roll Forming Processes and Equipment Blow Molding Processes and Equipment Molding Processes and Equipment Hot Press Forming Processes and Equipment Foaming Processes and Equipment Casting Processes and Equipment Spinning Processes and Equipment The above molding processes and equipment are relatively mature. Widely used in plastic molding processing, reference can be made to plastic processing and equipment information, which will not be repeated here.

4 Other problems

The use of the recycled plastic material particles obtained should pay attention to the following points:
a. Reducing the use of recycled raw material particles to reduce the use of packaging products, the quality of the packaging products that may be obtained does not meet the packaging requirements of the raw materials. Reduced use can then be used, such as packaging of raw materials for export product packaging, and recycled Packaging Materials for domestic product packaging.
b. Proportionately added to the use of raw granules and recycled materials in a certain ratio ratio, and then made packaging to improve quality.
c Composite processing combines packaging made from recycled recycled plastic particles with other high-performance materials to improve the performance of recycled plastic packaging.
d. Adding enhanced components Different recycling of recycled plastic particles in the process of making packages, adding additives to improve the performance of the package to improve the packaging performance of recycled plastics.

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