Functional corrugated board types and processing (below)

Fresh-keeping corrugated cardboard

The method of keeping fruits and vegetables fresh is to reduce water loss, inhibit biological respiration and bacterial growth, and remove the ethylene gas that causes them to age and ripen. Preservation of corrugated cardboard is the first step in the process.

1, clip type

The plastic film soaked with the antibacterial agent and the preservative is sandwiched in a corrugated paperboard, and then the inner surface of the corrugated paperboard is coated with a CTM preservative, the components of which are the phytohormone and its derivatives, tropolone and its Derivatives (such as hinokitiol) and terpene ethers. This type of corrugated board prevents moisture from evaporating, maintains the freshness of the merchandise inside the box, and also regulates and controls the temperature.

2. Compound type

The aluminum-coated cling film is laminated on the inner surface of the corrugated cardboard. This composite film has the function of absorbing ethylene gas. The aluminized film can prevent moisture from evaporating, reflect radiant heat, and prevent the temperature inside the box from rising.

3, foam type

The combination of foam and corrugated fiber has a better preservation effect than ordinary and sandwich-type corrugated cardboard.

1 The moisture permeability is 1/20 of that of ordinary corrugated cardboard. It is not easy to cause fruit and vegetable contraction due to evaporation of water.

2 Because of low thermal conductivity and good thermal resistance, no sharp temperature fluctuations will occur in the box.

3 Because of its low air permeability, it can adjust the storage atmosphere.

Using the above-mentioned three kinds of corrugated cardboard cartons, the fresh-keeping effect of cauliflower was evaluated. As a result, the oxygen content in foam-type fresh-keeping corrugated cardboard boxes gradually decreased, the carbon dioxide concentration increased, and the respiration and growth of cauliflower were suppressed. Corrugated cardboard cauliflowers have been deprived of oxygen, and although they have less flowering, they have suffered from diseases and insect pests and have strong offensive odors. The atmosphere in the ordinary carton is almost the same as the atmosphere, and the cauliflower turns yellow and deteriorates.

4, mixed type

In the manufacture process of corrugated board inner paper, porous ethylene gas absorption powder is added to prevent ripening; special ceramic powders capable of emitting infrared rays with a wavelength of 6-14 μm can also be coated on the base paper. This kind of powder can emit infrared rays at normal temperature, which can not only activate the relevant molecules in the fruit, increase the ability to resist microbial erosion, but also activate the enzyme and increase the sweetness of the fruit. For peach, grape, bayberry and other fresh packaging effect.

Anti-static corrugated cardboard

The anti-static packaging of electronic components, integrated circuits and electronic fuses is very important. The application of carbon powder and laminated aluminum foil on the surface of corrugated cardboard, and the addition of metal fibers or carbon fibers in the production process of boxboard can all produce anti-static corrugated cardboard.

In addition there are deodorant, non-slip and other corrugated cardboard, suitable for packaging related products.

(author/Sun Ling)
Source: "China Packaging Industry"

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