Application skill of electric iron in thermal transfer

Due to the limitation of the calorific value of the electric iron, it is generally not possible to transfer an item with an A4 size (approximately 20 x 30 cm or more). The electric iron must be able to adjust, and the greater the power, the better.

1. First, transfer the iron to the cotton fabric (that is, about 200°C), and warm it up until the heat indicator light is on;

2. Place the clothes on the ironing board and use the iron to remove the moisture for a few seconds on the part to be printed.

3, transfer paper printing surface down on the clothing to be transferred to the site, with stickers on the four corners of the paper to prevent paper movement;

4. Lay high-temperature flexible asbestos cloth on the clothes with good transfer paper, and flatten it with four clips on the edge of the ironing board;

5, with the iron slightly back pressure slowly back and forth in the heat transfer cloth with a part of the transfer of hot 20-30 seconds, depending on the size of the time the size of the flexible master;

6. When the transfer paper is not cooled, remove it from the clothing, otherwise it will stick.

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