Teamtechnik to present its assembly line platform at AUTOMATICA

One of the world's most flexible assembly platforms will be first introduced by VDMA and Messe Munmtechnik at AUTOMATICA.

The two compatible systems of the TEAMOS series, with different levels of automation, will be exhibited on special booths. The focal point is a fully automated system for assembling motors, while the other system is equipped with a separate room equipped with a manual work space and is an economical system.
Highly flexible TEAMOS assembly line system

At the show, two technicians will remove a process unit from both systems and exchange them within minutes. With only a few operations, mechanical and electrical connections can be released, and the process can be flexible to change or expand the system.

Since Teamtechnik's modular system architecture achieves a process level, such rapid and flexible system expansions, changes and modifications can be made. The TEAMOS module system replaces the rigid equipment system, and the operator can respond quickly and effectively to changing market conditions.

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