WPUR Series Environmental Water-based Ink Properties

Ink Coatings (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. recently launched the WPUR series of environmentally friendly water-based inks, which can be widely used in soft PVC leather, PVC leather, soft PU, PU leather, TPU leather, nylon cloth, leather, cotton cloth, Chemical fiber cloth, paper and gold, silver cards and other materials, the ink's characteristics are:

1. The ink surface is smooth and smooth, with good adhesion, abrasion resistance, pure color, good netting, and good leveling;

2. When the cross-linking agent is properly added, the adhesion, water resistance and anti-friction property can be further improved;

3, for ultra-thin materials, such as PVC materials, ultra-thin PU foam printing, WPUR series of environmentally friendly water-based ink will not damage the material erosion;

4, with excellent environmental characteristics.

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